„Požehnaným není obdarovaný, ale ten kdo dává.“
Swami Vivekananda

Yoga and Health series April 2018

Join us for a weekend or more in our Yoga and Health series workshop with our guest teacher Priya Singh.

13. - 15. April: Fundamentals of Yoga and Pranayama
20. - 22. April: Fundamentals of Ayurveda and Nutrition
27. - 29. April: Fundamentals of Meditation

In this 3-week intensive workshop series where you will understand and practice concepts that make up the core of yoga. The format of the 3 hour class will comprise of physical practice of postures, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation; and there will be a theoretical talk on some of the very fundamental concepts that basically make up yoga, e.g. Energy in the spine, balancing the energy channels, what is Ayurveda, understand your constitution with Ayurveda, what is Pranayama, and how do we practice it correctly; Meditation – why is it so difficult and how to make it easy; balancing the Agni (digestive fire), and much more.

The goal of this workshop is to provide easy to understand practical information and engage in a non-competitive physical practice. This will enable you to seamlessly participate in any yoga class or create your own personal practice. 
This series is designed with all kinds of practitioners in mind, beginners and regulars. Yoga is a science, a discipline, which works for all people irrespective of age and flexibility. Come and spend some time learning about this ancient system – It will change your life.

The workshop has been divided into 3 parts. You can decide if you will join all three parts (which is recommended) or just any of the three you are interested in. 

Part 1: Fundamentals of Yoga and Pranayama, 13.4. - 15.4. 2018

In this weekend you will understand the physical and subtle aspects of Yoga. We will talk about the energy channels (nadis); how do postures and breath work to change our health from inside out; the anatomical aspects of yoga asana; learn various forms of breathing exercises (Pranayama) and learn which one works best for you. We will practice Asanas and understand the health benefits of various styles.

Part 2: Fundamentals of Ayurveda and Nutrition, 20.4. - 22.4. 2018

Understand what your physical and mental constitution is. Based on this knowledge how do you look after your self? What form of yoga is good for you, what foods should you eat, what can be your possible health issues and how can you better manage them. Learn some self care techniques to improve your circulation, sleep, and digestion. Ayurveda is a science that keeps you very informed about yourself and your overall health.

Part 3: Fundamentals of Meditation, 27.4. - 29.4. 2018

Did you know that there is no such thing as meditation in yoga? Meditation is a spontaneous silencing of the mind that arises from the state of concentration (Dhayana). Learn all about the difficulties that one faces with achieving this state. Learn on how to make it easy for yourself. Understand the fantastic benefits of being in this meditative state.

Fri: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Sat: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Sun: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Early bird price - valid for registrations and payments on/before 28.3. 2018  
4,000 Kc / part (1 weekend

10,000 Kč / whole workshop (3 weekends)

Regular price - for registrations after 28.3. 2018
5,000 Kc / part (1 weekend)
12,500 Kc / whole workshop (3 weekends)

Discount for students with valid ISIC card - 10%
Bring a friend offer - 10% off valid price for both participants

Other conditions:
Early bird price applies for registrations and payments received on/before 28.3. 2018. For later registrations regular prices applies.
The workshop has to be paid in full upon your registration if you register for one weekend only. For registrations for the whole series a deposit of 50% will be required upon registration, the rest can be paid on the day of the workshop in the studio by cash or by bank transfer till 10.4. 2018 

Cancelation policy:
If you cancel your registration, the following charges will apply:
cancelation before 29.3. 2018: 50% of the workshop price
cancelation on/after 29.3. 2018: 100% of the received payment  

About Priya:
Priya Singh is an Integrative Health Coatch, Yoga Therapist, Certified Cupping Therapist and an Ayurvedic Beauty and Lifestyle Consultant. Born and brought up in India, Priya has over 30 years experience of practicing and teaching traditional, classical Hatha Yoga. She combines her Eastern roots with her Western sensibilities to engage her students and clients in an open and nurturing environment. Priya works on helping you heal common medical and physical issues with the use of yoga, pranayama, meditation, diet, cupping and various other holistic modalities. More about priya at www.priyasinghyoga.com